Everything is exciting, particularly existence. Existence is the most thrilling fact of all.  
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The notion that Cecil was better because of Carlos really means a lot to me. 

With recent developments (or, rather, the fleshing out of) Carlos’ character to point we know that Carlos does prioritize science, we’ve also found out that Cecil has been better with him. While I’d love to speculate on the many possibilities, I definitely think the most obvious one might be, but good golly Miss Molly, Carlos loves Cecil back, and I think that means the world to Cecil. So much in fact, it’s really helped him as a person. Carlos has done so much for Cecil and it’s so perfect. ;w;

I just find it amazing that Cecil loves Carlos that much. I am tearing up because it’s so sweet. Honestly, I think the best thing we’ve learned about Carlos’ character as of late is, he’s really helped Cecil within the past year, and that makes me so happy